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How to Lead and Influence Without Formal Authority, a Workshop with David Day 

We often underestimate our ability to lead due to insufficient exposure to formal leadership roles, unmet age requirements, or even lack of experience. KLI Academic Director Professor David Day shares the art and science of getting people to say “yes." 

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Success Redefined: An Interview with Kyle Weiss

Meet Kyle Weiss, cofounder of FundaField, a non-profit organization, run by students, dedicated to enriching the lives of less fortunate kids in the developing world through sports.

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How Marko Liu is Changing the Leadership World:

What caused Marko Liu to move from Beijing, China to Claremont, California to study leadership at KLI? Learn about Liu’s unique experiences in the leadership field and how he plans to apply his research at KLI to change the world. 

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S&P Global CEO Shares Secrets to Success

Meet Doug Peterson, CEO of S&P Global and CMC alumni. Peterson shares his journey to the top and provides some leadership tips. 



How to Jump Start Your Career and Succeed in Spite of Failure

We often give failure a negative reputation, but the five panelists challenge us to rewire how we think about failure. 

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Meet Daniel Kan, CMC alum who recently sold his startup for 1B

Daniel Kan ’09, recently sold his startup business to General Motors for more than a billion dollars. While on campus, Kan sat down with us to share his journey and secrets to starting a company.

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2017 Sophomore Leadership Experience Reflections

Linnea Uyeno '20 shares her SLE journey and the impact it had on the sophomore class. 

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SOURCE Project Symposium


Sofia Trigo '20 looks at SOURCE's year-end symposium.

Discover all the work that the  student-led non-profit consulting group is doing in the local community. 


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How We Win : Exploring Non-Profit Successes

KLI hosted workshop that analyzes the influence of non-profit work in the real world. Using scientific research, “How We Win” works to share key tips and practical tools with non-profit organizations and assist in maximizing their impact and success.

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An Entrepreneur's guide to making it

Arjun Dutt '07 shares his journey through the start-up world and lends advice.

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Dinner with Nanxi Liu



Nanxi Liu talks about how she successfully  launched 2 social ventures and won an Emmy! Liu shares her secret networking tips for students.

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Debunking Myths: “What We Know About Leadership From Science”

The CMC community officially welcomed Professor Day during the Installation Ceremony as the Steven L. Eggert ’82 P’15 Professor of Leadership. At his Installation, Day debunked many of the myths and misconceptions about leadership.

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The New Wave of Social Entrepreneurs

Connor Bloom '19 reflects on the first Kravis Leadership Social Innovation Summer Retreat at the Moonshot House

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