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Years of research show that leaders are made, not born. KLI is committed to upholding Claremont McKenna's leadership mission by offering students experiences that will challenge them to think, feel, and act as a leader and a changemaker. 

The mission of the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College is to be a premier academic center for the promotion and understanding of responsible, innovative leadership and to provide unique opportunities for CMC students to develop as outstanding real world leaders in the public, private and social sectors.



Upcoming Events & Updates

FRI 9/7/18   Club and Institute Fair

TUES   9/11/18  Leadership Lunch with CMC Students

THURS  9/27/18     Board and Fellows Event in New York, NY

MON 10/1/18  KLI Research Fellowship Applications Due

MON 10/1/18    Women and Gender Leadership Fund Application                             Due

FRI - SAT  10/5 - 10/6/18       ImpactCMC Weekend Activities in                                                       Claremont, CA

SAT   10/20/18    Board and Fellows Event in San Francisco, CA


The Leadership Library

Read about what is going on in the world of leadership research. This gallery provides a continuously growing database of articles grounded in research to help guide you during your leadership development journey. 

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The KLI Leadership Competency Model

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What is it?

Our Competency model has been proven to develop and maximize leadership potential in individuals. We are the leading institute for leadership research, theory, and practice. Our goal is to help students become the leaders that this world needs through these three competencies. 



Campus News and Student Publications

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Women in Leadership Workshop: A Chat with Archana Sahgal ’99

Read about an interview with Archana Sahgal '99, an advocate for women in the workplace.

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How to Lead and Influence Without Formal Authority, a Leadership Workshop 

We often underestimate our ability to lead due to insufficient exposure to formal leadership roles, unmet age requirements, or even lack of experience. In this leadership workshop, KLI Academic Director Professor David Day shares the art and science of getting people to say “yes."

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How Marko Liu is Changing the Leadership World:

What caused Marko Liu to move from Beijing, China to Claremont, California to study leadership at KLI? Learn about Liu’s unique experiences in the leadership field and how he plans to apply his research at KLI to change the world. 

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S&P Global CEO Shares Secrets to Success

Meet Doug Peterson, CEO of S&P Global and CMC alumni. Peterson shares his journey to the top and provides some leadership tips. 

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Why we need more women in politics?

Linnea Uyeno '20 delves deep into leadership research to conclude that the nation needs more women in leadership roles. 

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Meet Daniel Kan who Just Sold His Startup For $1B

Daniel Kan sat down with us to share his journey and secrets to starting a company.

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