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KLI faculty and students investigate a wide range of research topics in leadership and related areas. Students work directly with KLI faculty and staff on a wide range of leadership research projects.

Three research fellowship programs are also offered for the purpose to support, encourage, and expand the ongoing leadership research of CMC students. These competitive fellowship awards are designed to provide students with financial fellowship that will allow students to focus more of their time on leadership research. *For additional information, application instructions, requirements, and deadline, click here.*


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Learn more about the three research fellowship programs available to CMC students.

I am currently working on the Fullerton Longitudinal Study (FLS) which is a study that has followed over 100 participants since they were born. Thanks to funding from the Kellogg Foundation, the FLS study is able to re-assess the participants who are now 38 years old. I reach out to participants and gather surveys.

— Juana Granados '18

I have continued to work for Professor Christian in her studies about heroes vs. villains. We are analyzing Robert Lord’s theory of implicit leadership in the context of the Brexit referendum and the recent 2016 U.S. presidential election.

— Tierra Patmavanu '17

My project examines the relationship between CMC students’ sense of belonging to their college environment and their leadership capacity. In addition, it explores the role of ethnicity and other demographic variables as they relate to these constructs.

— Courtney Chan '17

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