Women in Leadership Development

Women in Leadership Development

The Women in Leadership Development (WLD) program is a year-long leadership development opportunity for CMC women. Over the course of the academic year the WLD strives to foster confidence, build awareness about being a woman in leadership, and develops leadership skills for women interested in leadership at CMC. The program consists of one day long leadership retreat, followed by participation throughout year long events such as workshops, women leader salons, and one-on-one leadership coaching. Selected women of the WLD will be selected to become Handley Leadership Fellows.


WLD Program Goals

The WLD seeks to develop CMC women into leaders with real world skills. The WLD program aims to:

  • Foster confidence and competence to develop a stronger leader identity.
  • Build awareness of current social and workplace issues that are currently affecting gender and workplace diversity.
  • Empower women to develop strategies and skills to become even more effective leaders.
  • Provide opportunities to develop leadership insight and competencies.
  • Inspire curiosity and interest in continuously shaping themselves as leaders by learning about oneself and others


Program Requirements & Eligibility

Members of WLD are required to be active in the program via the following events and activities:

  • Attend a one-day leadership retreat in September
  • Attend an exclusive series of WLD workshops throughout the academic year
  • Engage in up to 6 Leadership Coaching sessions
  • Participate in monthly meetings with your WLD circle for accountability, engagement, and community building.
  • Complete leadership development activities between workshops and meetings

CMC first-years, sophomores, and juniors who identify as women who are in good standing with the college are eligible to apply into the program. Applicants must retain an 8.5 minimum GPA with the college and be currently enrolled to stay on campus for the entire academic year.

Women and Leadership Workshop

Hosted Annually, the Women and Leadership Workshop (WLW) is an event that is designed to prepare and support students for post graduation career support. This workshop allows current CMC women to network and connect with other women leaders in their respective fields. The WLW aims to bring a diverse population of women leaders representing all post grad fields of study where their leadership skills have brought them practical use and long term career success.

This workshop is a safe non-judgmental space, that is open for dialogue and discussion of all the nuance of being a woman using leadership in ones career.

Academic year 2022-2023: Event Date TBD, (Usually mid March)


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