LSS Overview

Leadership Studies Sequence

The Leadership Studies Sequence is a multi-disciplinary program focusing on the nature of leadership and followership. It is coordinated with the co-curricular activities of its sponsoring organization, the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College (CMC). The sequence is designed for CMC students interested in pursuing a career involving the scholarly study and/or practice of leadership, who feel that an understanding of leadership would be helpful to them in another career, or who have a causal interest in the subject. Completion of the Sequence will be noted on student transcripts.


  • To understand leadership theories, concepts, and issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives;

  • To have knowledge of the methods by which leadership is studied;

  • To understand cross-cultural and international issues in leadership;

  • To appreciate the importance of ethics in leadership;

  • To develop critical thinking and analytical and decision making skills;

  • To develop written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills;

  • To obtain some awareness of one’s own leadership potential and competencies;

  • To gain practical experience in applying leadership knowledge and principles.


  • Networking Opportunties

  • Special Invitations to closed KLI events

  • Access to KLI donors including the KLI Advisory Board and Kravis Fellows

  • Priority on KLI internships and funding

  • Resume builder

  • Unique area of study to enhance any application for an internship, job, or program

Notable Leadership Sequence Alumni:

Daniel Kan is a successful entrepreneur that just sold his second company for more than a billion.


“The leadership sequence helped me to learn how to deal with people conflict management, which really helped me at my startup.”

— Daniel Kan ’09