Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

As a research institute, KLI supports and disseminates research through a variety of means. Advancing research in leadership is of great importance to the Institute. Students work directly with KLI faculty and staff on a wide range of leadership research projects as well as opportunities to apply for research fellowships.


Corporate Leadership

Sam Johnson ’22, Uddhav Gupta ’21, Tatum Hall ’23, and Rohaan Vaswani ’22 research the effect and importance of empathy in corporate leadership settings. They are looking to find out how important empathy is in comparison to how it is perceived by top business leaders.

Early Career Success

CMC students, Emily Malech ‘22 and Jayaditya Maliye ’23 are members of the Early Career Success Project which is a joint project between KLI and Lowe Institute, investigating the early career success of CMC alumni and how it related to their pre-CMC characteristics as well as their extracurricular and academic experiences at CMC. The objective is to identify experiential activities engaged in by CMC students, create experiential profiles based on these activities, and to link the profiles with indicators of early career success. The research is supported by the CMC Office of the Registrar and Institutional Research, Soll Center for Student Opportunity, and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

Martial Arts Youth Leadership Development/Fight League

This year, students in the “Fight League Team” submitted their curriculum to The United States Fight League (USFL) Character Development Program and conducted interviews to receive feedback on their work. The curriculum focuses on character building for athletes and emphasizes three main components: resilience, respect, and responsibility. The team consisted of CMC students Roxanne Camarena Castillo ’21, Taylor Frank ’21, Izabella Sakoda ’23, and Elizabeth Song ’22.

Race and Leadership (NEW)

The Race and Leadership team, comprising of Belinda Wang ’23, Raina Kim ’22, Danielle Klappstein ’23, and Samay Rahim ’22 researches race and racial discrimination in organizations, and how organizational leadership intersects with race. They will first be looking at theories by leading scholars in the field and conduct individual and collective research through different literatures, before solidifying a research topic.

Women and Leadership

Emma David ‘21, Leyna Hong ‘23, Vi Nguyen ’21, Bilge Tayyar ’24, and Joy Zhu ’24 as part of the women and leadership team, seek to better understand gender disparity issues and uplift women in leadership along the way. Specifically, they are developing research methodology to determine how women role models impact women’s aspirations (or motivations) for leadership.


KLI Leadership Research Fellowships

The Kravis Leadership Institute currently offers two research fellowships for CMC students. These competitive fellowship awards are designed to provide students with financial fellowships that will allow them to focus more of their time on leadership research. It also encourages faculty members to support and encourage knowledge and understanding of leadership and organizational effectiveness through student research.

  • Leadership Thesis Fellowship
  • Leadership Research Fellowship