KLI Hosts First Social Innovation Focused Passion and Purpose Retreat

Passion and Purpose Retreat is an overnight program using the lens of social innovation to help students determine how to lead a life of meaning. So much of being an agent of change, be it as a social entrepreneur, or as an innovator in whatever field you choose, is figuring out exactly what drives you. And of course, while college is supposed to be about taking the time to figure out what you want to do with your life, we often don’t really get an opportunity to take the time to do just that. That’s why courses at Stanford like “design your life” and Harvard’s class on positive psychology about how to be happy are so popular – we don’t have nearly enough guidance exploring our passion and purpose. This program aims to provide that guidance, by teaching skills in creativity, design thinking, and using social innovation as a means of considering the questions that help us determine how to live a life filled with purpose.

Over fall break, 28 students joined the KLI social innovation team to embark on an overnight retreat at the Alpine Castle. During the Passion and Purpose Retreat (P2R), students explored their passions, learned skills in creativity and design thinking, broadened their thinking on what it takes to live with purpose, and explored skills in social innovation to create impact. They also practiced these skills through improv exercises and team activities. P2R provided these students the opportunity to take the time out of their busy lives to think about their visions for their future, and taught them the skills to work through the obstacles so they can achieve whatever path they choose to lead a life of meaning.