Leadership Studies Sequence

The Leadership Studies Sequence is a multi-disciplinary program focusing on the nature of leadership and followership. It is coordinated with the co-curricular activities of its sponsoring organization, the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College (CMC). The sequence is designed for CMC students interested in pursuing a career involving the scholarly study and/or practice of leadership, who feel that an understanding of leadership would be helpful to them in another career, or who have a causal interest in the subject. Completion of the Sequence will be noted on student transcripts.


  • Networking Opportunties
  • Special Invitations to closed KLI events
  • Access to KLI donors including the KLI Advisory Board and Kravis Fellows
  • Priority on KLI internships and funding
  • Resume builder
  • Unique area of study to enhance any application for an internship, job, or program


  • To understand leadership theories, concepts, and issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives;
  • To have knowledge of the methods by which leadership is studied;
  • To understand cross-cultural and international issues in leadership;
  • To appreciate the importance of ethics in leadership;
  • To develop critical thinking and analytical and decision making skills;
  • To develop written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills;
  • To obtain some awareness of one’s own leadership potential and competencies;
  • To gain practical experience in applying leadership knowledge and principles.


The Leadership Sequence requires five courses, including one required core course and one course selected from four categories. All students must complete at least one course in government and one course in psychology.

  1. Core Requirement: LEAD 010 CM – Foundations of Leadership
    This introductory course should be taken first and is required for all students.
  2. Ethics Requirement: one course
    These courses provide a philosophical and moral context in which to judge the nature of appropriate leadership.
  3. Breadth Requirement: one course
    These courses enhance a liberal arts perspective of leadership.
  4. Experiential Requirement: one course
    This requirement provides direct experience in positions of leadership and “hands-on” applications of leadership theories and techniques.
  5. Leadership Capstone Requirement: one course

Notable Leadership Sequence Alumni:

Daniel Kan

Daniel Kan is a successful entrepreneur that just sold his second company for more than a billion.

Daniel Kan is a successful entrepreneur that just sold his second company for more than a billion.

The leadership sequence helped me to learn how to deal with people conflict management, which really helped me at my startup.”
— Daniel Kan '09