Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson, Ph. D., co-teaches Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (LEAD 150) with Professor Ron Riggio and is a faculty member for the Silicon Valley Program internship course (INT 30).  With a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Colorado State University,  Dr. Thompson brings diverse experience to her teaching – having worked at Arthur Anderson LLP (then a Big Four accounting firm and one of the world’s largest multinational businesses); creating and serving as Director of Illinois Leadership – a nationally-recognized academic leadership center at the University of Illinois; and being on the faculty of Claremont McKenna College.   She is an executive coach and leadership consultant to individuals and teams who are addressing ever-changing complexities in today’s workplace.  Her clients include corporate (e.g., Google), higher education (e.g., University of Illinois), law (e.g., Paul Hastings), and entrepreneurship fields ranging from serving the public sector to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultants to creative and interior design. Dr. Thompson has co-edited with Rebecca Reichard, “Leader Developmental Readiness: Pursuit of Leadership Excellence.