Research Team

As a research institute, KLI supports and disseminates research through a variety of means. Advancing research in leadership is of great importance to the Institute, and students work directly with KLI faculty and staff on a wide range of leadership research projects. Ongoing research projects include topics in Women and Leadership, Corporate Leadership, Race and Leadership, Mixed Martial Arts, and Early Career Success.

Corporate Leadership

The Corporate Leadership Team researches the effect and importance of empathy in corporate environments. The team compares the impacts of empathy with how it is perceived by top business leaders.

Cindy Duong
Tatum Hall '23

Early Career Success

The Early Career Success project is a joint project with the Lowe Institute investigating the early career success of CMC alumni and how it relates to their pre-CMC characteristics as well as their extracurricular and academic experiences at CMC.

Max Jackman
Max Jackman '23
Cindy Duong
Jayaditya Maliye '23
Hannah Doyle ’23
Katie Chen '23

Fight League

Fight League develops leadership curriculum for The United States Fight League, focusing on character building for athletes. The team proposed a curriculum that emphasizes three main components: resilience, respect, and responsibility. These R’s are the foundation for their curriculum and for each section there are drills and discussion questions that promote these skills in young athletes.

Cindy Duong
Izabella Sakoda '23
Ruiyang (Viola) Ni ‘25
Angela Chen
Celine Wang ‘26

Race and Leadership

The Race and Leadership team looks at race relations and racial discrimination in organizational leadership. The team will first research theories by leading scholars to conduct individual and collective studies using different literature.

Angela Chen
Danielle Klappstein '23
Angela Chen
Belinda Wang '23
Andy Tu
Han (Andy) Tu ‘24
Gabby Ong
Gabrielle Ong '25

Women and Leadership

The Women and Leadership team seeks to better understand the gender disparity issue in leadership, while uplifting women in leadership along the way.

Angela Chen
Leyna Hong ’23 - Research Team Lead
Jenny Bernardez
Kaavya Narayan ‘25
Jenny Bernardez
Bilge Tayyar '24
Angela Chen
Joy Zhu '24
Quin Mumford PIT ‘24
Sonia Deng
Siqi (Sonya) Deng ‘26

Assessment Team

William Galbreath '24
Joyce Kim '24
Jenny Bernardez
Mia Nelson '25
Angela Chen
Shiah Sarkowsky ‘25

New Leadership Topic

Alexander Broegger ‘24
Madeline Dornfeld ‘25
Julia Mehlman ‘25