Liron Marks

Liron Marks CGU ’16, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Landers & Marks OD Consulting

Liron Marks is the CEO of Landers & Marks OD Consulting, whose primary focus is enhancing the competencies of OD and change management professionals. Landers & Marks OD consulting recently developed a certification program in OD and Change Leadership that educates professionals on how to anticipate the need for change, build organizational dexterity, and enrich the culture. This certification will be offered in partnership with a globally recognized graduate university in 2019.

Liron is a Kravis Leadership Institute alum and a graduate of Claremont Graduate University. She specializes in developing strategy-driven, total-systems approaches to improving organization culture and team effectiveness. Her interventions are built on research-based diagnostic assessments, the application of behavioral science theory, and state-of-the-art learning and development methodologies to achieve long-term positive change. Liron’s consulting work includes nonprofits, recycling, construction, and entertainment to name a few. She is also an adjunct Professor at CSU Los Angeles.