Linnea Uyeno

Linnea Uyeno ’20

Senior Product Manager, SAP Concur









Linnea Uyeno ’20 is a Senior Product Manager at SAP Concur, which is the world’s largest travel booking platform for business travel. At SAP, Linnea leads three teams that focus on hotel and flight booking with 25+ individuals across engineering and design. Her leadership has been recognized through organizational awards, including the 2023 SAP Concur Indispensable Product Manager award. Prior to SAP, she worked at Intuit, Glassdoor, and a startup in product internships. 

Linnea recently graduated from CMC in 2020 and majored in Economics and Psychology with a Leadership Studies Sequence. During her time at CMC, she was team lead at KLI and did a thesis on the economic impact of company culture. Outside of work, Linnea enjoys swimming, skiing, and cooking.

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