Dr. Laura Dannhäuser

Kravis Center 446

Laura Dannhäuser joins the Kravis Leadership Institute as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Leadership. Her research background and interests lie in the realm of leadership, with a profound focus on leader development, authenticity, identity work, coaching, and peak performance.
Laura earned her B.Sc. in Sports and Performance from the prestigious German Sports University of Cologne, followed by an M.A. in International Human Resource Management from the Business School of Newcastle University, UK. While earning her Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, Laura worked as a Leadership Coach and Director of the Coaching Certification for LeAD Labs, making significant contributions to the development of aspiring leaders. Moreover, Laura actively contributed to the Accenture Talent and Innovation Lab, leaving her mark as a Consultant and Project Manager.
Laura’s dedication to fostering effective leadership extends beyond academia. As a co-facilitator at Harvey Mudd College, she played a vital role in a transformative student-centered leadership and interpersonal dynamics class. The course, inspired by a popular Stanford MBA Elective, aimed to empower the next generation of leaders. Currently, Laura’s research revolves around the intriguing concept of dynamic authenticity in leadership and the significance of authenticity in leader development. Her insightful work promises to shed light on key factors that contribute to effective leadership and personal growth.