Emma Ludlum

Emma Ludlum ’15

Senior Recruiter, Modern Treasury

Emma graduated from Claremont McKenna in 2015 with a degree in Psychology with a Leadership sequence. Since then, she has moved to San Francisco and started her career on the business side of hyper-growth tech companies such as Twilio and Samsara. Emma now works for Modern Treasury a banking system that aims to make wire transfers and non in person banking better for the general public.

At Twilio, she was pre and post IPO sales. She was responsible for driving one of the largest deals at the time and training new team members. Since Twilio, she has transitioned to sales recruiting at Samsara, a hyper-growth company started by the cofounders of Meraki. She is responsible for growing the SF office and soon will be moving to London to launch the first European office.

In her free time she enjoys yoga, cooking, and dance classes. Most recently she has explored starting a nutritional cooking class business to jumpstart a side career as a health coach.