Call for Proposals


27th Kravis-de Roulet Leadership Conference

The Leadership Quarterly

Conference and Special Issue on Leader/Leadership Development


21st Century Leadership Development: Bridging Science and Practice

Guest Editors:

David Day, Ron Riggio, Jay Conger, and Sherylle Tan

Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College


This call for proposals encourages researchers engaged in cutting edge leadership development research and/or practice to share their work in a special issue and a conference on that topic. This special issue call is in conjunction with the 27th Kravis-de Roulet Leadership Conference to be held March 1-2, 2019 at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA USA. Authors of proposals selected by the editorial team for the conference presentation will have an opportunity to showcase their work at the conference. Please note that authors who are unable to attend the conference will still get equal consideration by the editors in the review process. The timeline and important dates for the conference and special issue submissions are provided below.

Paying attention to the distinction between leader and leadership development (Day, 2000), topics that will be considered – for either empirical or theoretical contributions – include, but are not limited to:

  • New ways of understanding how leaders and leadership develop;
  • Approaches that facilitate the development of collective forms of leadership;
  • Integrative, multidisciplinary, or transdisciplinary approaches to leadership development; 
  • Methods linking the development of leaders with collective leadership development;
  • Evidence demonstrating the value or effectiveness of leader or leadership development interventions;
  • Technological advances that facilitate the development of leaders and/or leadership;
  • Developmental approaches in specific contexts (e.g., healthcare, professional services, education, military), which may not easily translate into other contexts but could advance deeper insights into leadership development (Bamberger & Pratt, 2010).

To ensure that correct causal claims—and hence correct policy implications—are made, quantitative empirical papers should pay attention to ensuring that fair comparisons are made between treatments (Cooper & Richardson, 1986); more imporantly, appropriate counterfactual conditions should be used in testing treatments to account for placebo effects and demand characteristics. Moreover, theoretical or review pieces should also consider theoretical counterfactual conditions in interpreting previous findings and in proposing alternative treatments. Case study research is also amenable to counterfactual thinking (Gerring & McDermott, 2007).

About the Conference

The Kravis-de Roulet Leadership Conference, which began in 1990, is an annual leadership conference funded jointly by an endowment from Henry R. Kravis and the de Roulet family. This perpetual funding, along with additional support from the Kravis Leadership Institute and Claremont McKenna College, enables us to attract the finest leadership scholars and practitioners as conference presenters and participants. Kravis de-Roulet regularly brings together hundreds of leadership researchers and professionals from all of the world. A limited budget will be available to help defray costs of conference presenters who do not have sufficient travel funds to attend.

Submission Process

Authors should submit their proposals from October 1, 2018 but no later than the submission deadline of December 1, 2018, online via The Leadership Quarterly’s EVISE submission system at  

To ensure that all proposals are correctly identified for consideration for this Special Issue, it is important that authors select “SI: Leadership Development” when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process.

Deadlines and Important Dates

DEC 1, 2018: Proposal deadline (10 pages maximum, double-spaced; note that references, figures and tables do not count in the 10 page limit); authors can submit proposals to the EVISE submission site starting October 1, 2018.

JAN 25, 2018: Decisions and feedback for proposals making the short list for conference presentation

MAR 1-2, 2019: Working papers presented at the 27th Kravis-de Roulet Leadership Conference

MAY 15, 2019: Full paper submission due

NOV 22, 2019: Final revisions due

SPRING or SUMMER 2020: Special Issue publication (to be determined)


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