Annie Jalota

Annie Jalota ’13

Senior Manager of  Life Cycle Marketing,  Airtable  Inc.


Annie Jalota is a Senior Marketing Manager at Airtable, a San Francisco based company that specializes in creating software that users can specifically integrate for their professional or personal use. Prior to joining Airtable, Annie was a marketing manager at Vivino, Inc. a firm that makes good wine easily accessible at appropriate prices. Annie was also at a pre-seed startup called HireClub, a company changing the recruiting space by leveraging referrals to help friends find jobs. She also worked at Lookout Mobile Security, a cybersecurity company, where she developed automated growth and retention programs to acquire and retain over 1 million users each year.

Annie is also passionate about supporting companies and projects that have a positive impact on the world. Outside of her role at Airtable, she is the marketing lead at Ultimatum, Inc. a multi-platform website that helps people take action on political and social issues using event-based donations to non-profits. She also helps put on an annual art auction called The Art of Survival, where all proceeds go to support a charity in the Bay Area. In 2018, the Art of Survival team received a grant from The Awesome Foundation to support their efforts.

Annie earned Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a focus on South Asia (Cum Laude) from Claremont McKenna College in 2013. In her spare time, she likes to learn martial arts and self defense at Eskabo Daan, a Filipino Martial Arts school. She is also an avid traveler, and goes to at least one new country each year.