Social Innovation

Students learn skills in innovation to identify root causes of societal injustices and are able to find bold solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Our groundbreaking partnership with Echoing Green, a premier thought leader and investor in the best emerging social entrepreneurs in the world, offers students a variety of opportunities to engage with systems changers who can mentor them to ideate, prototype and implement their ideas and turn them into action.



Dinner with World Changers: A Fireside Chat Series

On Mondays, throughout the Fall semester, award winning social entrepreneurs will be hosted by students from the different institutes to engage in a fireside chat to learn about their journey as changemakers.


Leading Social Innovation Course (LEAD 142 Fall)

A course where students will learn from a new award-winning social entrepreneur every week. The students will explore the core skills and challenges one needs and will face building a world changing initiative


Passion to Purpose (P2R)

A 2-day retreat where students will engage in experiential activities to help them spark their passion and help them identify their purpose. 


Moonshot House

A 7-day retreat bringing together award-winning social entrepreneurs with top students representing the different research institutes on campus, to teach them skills in innovation and come up with their world changing ideas.


Moonshot Innovation Impact Challenge

Students who have generated ideas through the Moonshot House have the opportunity to be matched with award winning social entrepreneurs, like Mark Cuban and Cheryl Dorsey, who will mentor them to prototype and test their ideas.