Moonshot Retreat


The Moonshot Retreat brings a diverse group of students from around the 5cs together for a summer retreat. Moonshot thinking addresses a huge problem and proposes a radical solution using breakthrough techniques, models and technologies that can change and disrupt systems for the better. The goal of the retreat is inspire students change the world for the better by giving them the space and tools to work together on innovative solutions to social problems.


KLI brings in a team of social entrepreneurs from Echoing Green, who mentor the students over the course of the week. Echoing Green is an organization that works as a catalyst for change by recognizing and investing in the most innovative social entrepreneurs who are solving the world’s most pressing problems. 

Last year, the retreat brought the students to the downtown LA  US Bank Tower. The students were split in to groups and had to compete against each other's pitch ideas.  The prizes for winning pitches included the opportunity to ask Mark Cuban for advice about their startup, and getting to spend time with Cheryl Dorsey to talk about their enterprise.

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