Institute Staff: 


David V. Day, Ph.D.

Academic Director, Steven L. Eggert ‘82 P’15 Professor of Leadership,                 George R. Roberts Fellow

Kravis Center 454 (909) 607-2967

Kravis Center 454
(909) 607-2967

David Day, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology at Claremont McKenna College and Academic Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute, Steven L. Eggert ‘82 P’15 Professor of Leadership and George R. Roberts Fellow. Previously he was Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Woodside Chair in Leadership and Management at The University of Western Australia Business School.

David Day is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, International Association of Applied Psychology, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has core research interests in the areas of leadership, identity, and leadership development. In 2010 he was awarded the Walter F. Ulmer Research Award from the Center for Creative Leadership (USA) for outstanding, career-long contributions to applied leadership research.

Jay Conger, D.B.A.

Director of Advisory Board and Kravis Fellows Programming,                                  Henry R. Kravis Chaired Professor of Leadership Studies

Kravis Center 450 (909) 607-8110

Kravis Center 450
(909) 607-8110

Jay Conger is the Henry R. Kravis Chaired Professor of Leadership Studies at the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College in California. He is one of the world’s experts on leadership. You will see him quoted in the Wall Street Journal and other business periodicals analyzing people and trends in the executive suite and in the boardroom. In recognition of his extensive work with companies, Business Week named him the best business school professor to teach leadership and one of the top five management education teachers worldwide. He has published over one hundred articles and 14 books on the topics of leadership development, corporate boards, influence and communications strategies for leaders, executive leadership, and organizational change.

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D.

Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology,            LSS Faculty Advisor

Kravis Center 448 (909) 607-2997

Kravis Center 448
(909) 607-2997

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D. is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College. Dr. Riggio’s research interests center on charismatic and transformational leadership, nonverbal and verbal communication skills, and the development of leadership potential across the lifespan. He has published nearly two-dozen authored or edited books and more than 150 articles and book chapters. He has also served as a consultant to dozens of organizations, large and small, across the business, education, and non-profit sectors. He is the co-editor, along with Georgia Sorenson, of the Routledge/Taylor & Francis book series: Leadership: Research and Practice

Sherylle J. Tan, Ph.D.

Director of Internships and KLI Research 

Kravis Center 446 (909) 607-8136

Kravis Center 446
(909) 607-8136

Sherylle J. Tan, Ph.D. is the Director of Internships and KLI Research at the Kravis Leadership Institute. In addition, Dr. Tan is currently the 2016 Chair of the Executive Leadership Team for the International Leadership Association Women and Leadership Affinity Group. At KLI, Dr. Tan oversees the KLI Internship program, longitudinal research on undergraduate leadership education, and program evaluations of all KLI leadership and changemaking programs. Much of Dr. Tan’s research focuses on applying developmental theory and methods to understanding the issues of leadership development, women and leadership, work and family, and child development. Most recently, Dr. Tan co-edited with Ron Riggio, Leader Interpersonal and Influence Skills: The Soft Skills of Leadership (2014).

Marilyn Pierce

Administrative Coordinator

Kravis Center 445 (909) 607-4981

Kravis Center 445
(909) 607-4981

Marilyn Pierce is the Administrative Coordinator at the Kravis Leadership Institute. She brings five years of higher education administration experience to KLI, and is excited to be on the team! She oversees the day-to-day administrative support and office management processes of the Institute and works to support the strategic plan of the Institute. Marilyn works with the Institute’s directors to develop and design publicity for institute related activities, programs and events and is the project manager for Institute events, conferences, leadership roundtable, and the Kravis-de Roulet Conference. Marilyn is also the Institute’s liaison between the President’s office, Athenaeum, Director of Events and Stewardship, and the 7C’s. She leads a team of students who assist in preparing for events involving students, KLI Advisory Board, Kravis Fellows and the community. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Baylor University where she was part of the Academy for Leader Development. She has a Certificate in Research Administration from the University of Southern California, and is currently pursuing a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.

Tiffany Nolasco

Institute Coordinator

Reception Desk (909) 621-8743

Reception Desk
(909) 621-8743

Tiffany Nolasco is the Institute Coordinator at Kravis Leadership Institute. She collaborates with KLI Team to ensure the success of the Institute’s events. She manages events such as Leadership Roundtables, professional luncheons and meetings, and the annual Kravis- de Roulet Conference. She also provides support in the facilitation of The Fullerton Longitudinal Study (FLS). Tiffany is an essential part of the team as she assists in KLI activities and provides staff support as needed. She is motivated to keep KLI a great resource for CMC students.

Joanne Rumpler

Administrative Assistant

Reception Desk (909) 621-8743

Reception Desk
(909) 621-8743

Joanne is currently the part-time Administrative Assistant at the Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College.  Since March 2012, Joanne has managed the reception area, welcoming faculty, staff, guests and students to the Institute.  She provides general information regarding the Institute, and directs specific inquires to other staff members.  She assists staff with clerical tasks.  Joanne enjoys interacting with the students, answering any questions they may have, and learning about their experiences both here at CMC and during their work and study abroad programs.

Affiliated Faculty: 

Pamela Brooks Gann

Trustee, Professor of Legal Studies and George R. Roberts Senior Fellow, Kravis Leadership Institute, President Emerita, Claremont McKenna College (909) 621-8743
(909) 621-8743

Pamela Brooks Gann has served as the President of Claremont McKenna College (1999-2013) and the Dean of the Duke University School of Law (1988-1999). She has taught at Duke University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Virginia; in summer programs at Washington University, Saint Louis, and the University of Colorado; and in international programs at the Salzburg Seminar and in China, Paris, and Vietnam. Her publications largely pertain to taxation and public finance and international trade and investments. Her current interests include: leadership studies, law and economics of higher education, law and public policy of the non-profit sector, and international economic relations. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Council on Foreign Relations and International Education of Students (IES Abroad).


Sara Thompson

Clinical Faculty in Psychology

Roberts South 204A

Roberts South 204A

With 17 years of facilitation experience for college and high school programs, Sara Thompson, Ph.D. serves as an instructor for two leadership courses on campus and in the Silicon Valley Program.

In LEAD 10, Dr. Thompson provides students with a solid foundation on how leadership is defined, viewed, and studied by reviewing conceptualizations and theories of leaders and leadership. She also co-teaches Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley with Professors Riggio and Conger.

Most recently, Dr. Thompson co-edited with Rebecca Reichard, “Leader Developmental Readiness: Pursuit of Leadership Excellence” (2016). 

Nick Warner

Professor of Literature (909) 607-3057
(909) 607-3057

Nicholas Warner was educated at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. in English. After teaching at Oberlin College, he came to Claremont McKenna, where he is currently Professor of Literature. His publications include Spirits of America: Intoxication in 19th Century American Literature (a Choice Outstanding Academic Book) and articles on leadership in literature and film, which is also the topic of several of his courses at CMC. He has received the Glen R. Huntoon Award for Superior Teaching five times, and the G. David Huntoon Senior Teaching Award twice.