Bremmer Morris ’09

Bremner Morris ’09

CEO, Rally


Bremner Morris is the CEO of Rally. Rally is a web3 platform that enables creative communities to launch their own token-based digital economies. Previously, he served as the community appointed CMO/CRO for the $RLY project overseeing all go-to-market initiatives. 

Prior to joining Rally, Bremner worked for Patreon for 3.5 years where he oversaw the development of Patreon’s go-to-market organization. Bremner was the initial GTM hire within the business and served as the Head of Go-to-Market and Revenue at Patreon. During his time there he built out a team of 45 people across creator partnerships, marketing and creator success and drove significant creator adoption and monetization on Patreon’s platform. Additionally, Bremner directly oversaw Patreon’s international expansion and built out the go-to-market team in Berlin and London.

Prior to working at Patreon, Bremner led business development, channel partnerships and customer success at AppDirect, an enterprise-SaaS marketplace. Bremner started his career in investment banking and studied financial economics and government at Claremont McKenna College.